Quince paste  

100g Maggie Beer Quince Paste adds something special to any cheese

$ 4.30 ea
 Butter - French  

An unsalted light butter

$ 5.95 ea
 Cheese - Black wax Cheddar  

A firm mild but very tasty cheese the whole family will enjoy.

$ 29.90 kg
 Cheese - Fetta  

A cows fetta with firm qualities and mild flavour.

$ 20.00 kg
 Cheese - Forme D'Ambert  

A blue cheese. Dence and supple with a savoury nutty flavour. Not to strong

$ 55.00 kg
 Cheese - Grana Padano(grated parmesan)  

100g of freshly grated parmesan ready to use.

$ 5.95 ea
 Cheese - Grana padano(parmesan)  

In block form ready for grating

$ 34.00 kg
 Cheese - Gruyere  

A firm yet supple texture with nutty flavours.

$ 68.00 kg
 Cheese - Haloumi  

250g of middle eastern cheese which holds its shape when fried or grilled

$ 9.95 ea
 Cheese - Hobbit Farm Goat  

100gm A firm goat cheese with a mild taste.

$ 7.95 ea
 Cheese - Jarlesberg  

A mild tasty cheese which slices well and melts for cooking.The Swiss cheese with the holes.

$ 39.95 kg
 Cheese - Jindi Farm Brie  

A rich and buttery cheese with a sweet tone.

$ 43.00 kg
 Cheese - Jindi Triple Cream  

A soft and very rich cheese

$ 43.00 kg
 Cheese - King Island Camembert  

A mild semi soft white cheese

$ 43.00 kg
 Cheese - Meradith Fetta Jar  

325g. A delicious soft goats cheese in olive oil and herbs.

$ 17.50 ea
 Cheese - Mozzarella  

500g round of fresh firm cheese made in Sydney.

$ 13.95 ea
 Cheese - Shadows of Blue  

A creamy rich mild blue cheese.Often called the beginners blue.

$ 47.00 ea
 Cheese - Stilton  

150g Rich and creamy with an intence blue quality.

$ 9.20 ea
 Cheese - Watsonia Cheddar  

A soft and rich cheddar you can almost spread. Lots of flavour

$ 29.95 kg
 Dip - Basil Pesto  

A very tasty pesto with plenty of garlic and cashew nuts.

$ 33.50 kg
 Dip - Home Made Brandy Pate  

A solid chicken liver pate that has lots of flavour with a hint of brandy.

$ 33.50 kg
 Dip - Hommous  

Chickpea and garlic spread

$ 33.50 kg
 Dip - Kalamata Tapanade  

A beautiful tapanade with balsamic vinegar, wine, herbs, spices and sunflower oil.

$ 33.50 kg
 Dip - Salmon Pate  

Creamy salmon pate with capers and dill

$ 33.50 kg
 Dip - Taramasalata  

Pink fish dip with a strong flavour.

$ 33.50 kg
 Dip - Tzatziki  

Yoghurt with garlic and cucumber.

$ 33.50 kg
 Olives - Green with Fetta Cheese  

A large green olive with the pit removed and stuffed with fetta cheese.

$ 39.95 kg
 Olives - Green with Goat Cheese  

A large green olive with the pit removed and stuffed goats cheese.

$ 39.95 kg
 Olives - Green with Tomato  

A large green olive with the pit removed and stuffed with semi dried tomato.

$ 39.95 kg
 Olives - Kalamata Australian  

Home grown - very fresh and very tasty.

$ 29.95 kg
 Olives - Kalamata Balsamic  

In Balsamic Vinegar brine

$ 29.95 kg
 Olives - Kalamata Chilli  

In a vinegar brine with herbs and a sprinkle of chilli flakes

$ 29.95 kg
 Olives - Kalamata Delux  

Long and large olives which are brown.Meaty and flavouful with herbs and spices

$ 29.95 kg
 Olives - Kalamata Vinegrette  

In a brine with vinegar and herbs and spices

$ 29.95 kg
 Olives - Provincal  

A mixture of black, brown and green olives in a tasty brine with herbs and green peppers.

$ 29.95 kg