Beef Korma  

A mild creamy dish of India for lovers of a rich flavour. Serves two

$ 15.95 ea
 Chicken and Leek Casserole  

A creamy rich casseole with onion flovour of leeks and whole grain mustard.

$ 15.95 ea
 Combo - Beef Casserole and Mash  

A lovley beef and burgandy casseole with carrots and our creamy Mash Potato

$ 15.95 ea
 Combo - Beef Curry and Wild rice  

A livley tomato Indian curry with an interesting wild rice and regular rice mix with almond and sultanas

$ 13.90 ea
 Combo - Beef Vindaloo and Rice  

A hot and sour beef vindaloo curry with Basmati rice

$ 15.95 ea
 Combo - Butter Chicken and Rice  

A very creamy and buttery chicken with great spice flavour and Basmati rice

$ 15.95 ea
 Combo - Chicken Mediterranean and cous cous  

Chicken with olives, garlic, thyme and cous cous. A complete meal

$ 13.90 ea
 Combo - Lamb Rogan Gosh and rice  

Lamb Rogan Gosh is made with tender lamb of the highest quality and Basmati rice

$ 15.95 ea
 Combo - Moroccan Lamb and Mash  

Tender and jucy mooccan Lamb with carrots, corriander and lime with Mash portato.

$ 15.95 ea
 Combo - Steak and Kidney with mash  

Home made steak and kidney casserole with our creamy mashed potato.

$ 15.95 ea
 Combo - Tikka Masala Ckicken and rice  

Authentic Chicken tikka with great strong spice flavour and Basmati rice

$ 15.95 ea
 Lamb Shanks - cinnamon  

Two shanks in a hearty sauce with cinnamon, bacon, garlic, thyme and tomato and sweet potato. Serves two

$ 25.00 ea
 Meatballs Italian  

Beef meat balls in a neopolitan sauce with basil. Great on pasta. Serves two

$ 15.95 ea
 Ox Tail Casserole  

A tomato based sauce with white wine has been used to slow cook this delicious dish

$ 15.95 ea
 Pasta and Tomatoe Beef Sauce - 2  

2 serves of pasta with our home made beef / tomatoe sauce.

$ 13.95 ea
 Pasta and Tomatoe Beef Sauce - 4  

4 serves of pasta with our home made beef / tomatoe sauce.

$ 18.95 ea
 Pork and Prune Casserole  

A red wine infussed casserole of lean pork fillet, prunes, bacon, carrot and celery. Serves two

$ 15.95 ea