Smoked Salmon  

100g pack of Tasmanian Smoked Salmon

$ 10.50 ea
  Smoked Trout  

A lightly smoked trout fillet - no skin

$ 88.00 kg
 Bacon - middle rashers  

Very lean beautiful tasting bacon.250 gm cryovac pack

$ 7.50 ea
 Bacon - streaky American style  

This bacon tastes great and can be cooked crispy.250 gm cryovac sealed pack

$ 7.50 ea
 Boneless Leg Ham double smoked  

Boneless leg ham that has been cut off the bone, cured and double smoked. cryovac packaged for freshness. App 200 gm

$ 27.95 kg
 Chicken Breast - Chargrilled  

Plain fresh chicken breast chargrilled and cryovac sealed. App 200 each

$ 39.50 kg
 Chicken Breast - Smoked  

Plain chicken breast cured and smoked naturally. Cryovac sealed in packs of two. App 400 gm

$ 39.50 kg
 Chicken Breast - Steamed  

Plain fresh chicken breast steamed and cryovac sealed. App 200 gm ea

$ 39.50 kg
 Chicken Breast Tenderloin - Cajun Style  

Breast tenderloin marinated in our famous Cajun marinade and roasted. Cryovac sealed in 250 gm packs

$ 8.95 ea
 Chicken Whole - Smoked  

A 1 kg whole chicken that is naturally smoked. Moist and delicious.

$ 16.00 ea

Spicy hot Spanish sausage.Eat or add to cooking.

$ 32.50 kg
 Corned Beef - silverside  

Prime Australia Beef cured and cooked to perfection. Sliced and cryovac sealed for freshness. App 200 gm packs

$ 22.50 kg
 Kangaroo Prosciuto  

Poachers Pantry finest thin cut kangaroo prosciuto. 100 gm cryovac sealed packs

$ 9.95 ea
 Pastrami ( New York Style)  

Lean beef that is cured and cooked to perfection. Cryovac packaged for freshness. App 200 gm

$ 22.50 kg

Poacher Pantry finest prosciuto cut very thin in a 100 gm vacum sealed pack.

$ 9.95 ea
 Salami ( Danish)  

A mildly spicy, not greasy salami. A 200 gm stick about the diameter of a 50 cent piece that is cryovac sealed.

$ 6.95 ea
 Turkey Breast - cooked  

We take the breast off the bone and cook it naturally. Nothing artifcial. Sliced and cryovac sealed. 200 gm packs

$ 49.00 kg
 Turkey Breast - Smoked  

Lean and lightly smoked fresh turkey breast. Sliced and cryrovac sealed. App 200 gm packs

$ 49.00 kg